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"I offer a strategic plan for women searching to speed up their professional career." 




Focusing on the challenges and specific points to be developed to provide a strategic plan to achieve personal goals, get over difficulties, on creating executive presence, and have better confidence in the abilities and competences to achieve more in the professional career.

With methods and tools to allow the best learning and structure evolving personal and professional growth.

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Some topics are selected to be worked together and offer a more collaborative, diverse, and promote network, to learn with different experiences from other mentees.

Group mentoring also provides opportunities for mentees to share their knowledge and expertise.

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For Groups

This is an excellent opportunity for companies and employees for skills development, generating insights, and stepping outside of the day-to-day work to share some experiences and create stronger relationships.


These benefits include hands-on learning opportunities, interaction with subject matter experts and peers, and the ability to apply new concepts and techniques in real-world situations.

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For Companies

Bringing happiness and energy into your event. My personality, stories, and sense of humor will give your audiences the unique experience they need for a memorable time.


Working throughout Europe and with a large experience with cultural differences, I'm committed to providing excellent communication, inspiring insights, and generating uplifted moments.




Working in the corporate world (Automotive Industry) for more than 19 years, leading different teams across the globe like: USA, China, England, Germany, Croatia, and Brazil.

After going through many challenges in developing my career until I got the leadership position, I started to help other women to achieve more and get more growth, recognition, and satisfaction in their careers.


I created the method (LIFE) for career development, using my experiences of more than 18 years and many studies to come up with a practical and very efficient process that is easy to follow, resulting in outstanding results!


This method is a tool that provides the shift of mindset, and attitude, generating changes in your LIFE!

I share my knowledge, experiences, and recommendations daily on my social media.

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Get in TOUCH

Get in contact for more information about the services and options to work together. 

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